Is 7z bad for file encryption?

I do not see it here: Recommended Encryption Software: VeraCrypt, Cryptomator, PicoCrypt, and OpenPGP - Privacy Guides
(What surprised me is that it’s not even mentioned)

So I was wondering if it’s a bad choice. I have used it quite a lot in the past. Can you please explain to me what are the risks with it? I am quite a dummy so please explain in dummy language :slightly_smiling_face:

(For the context: I am planning to encrypt a few small files “manually” and upload them on google drive. I am not interested in setting up complex system. As I don’t use cloud that much anyway. It’s just for few files.)

Yes, it’s a bad choice. Do not use it for anything important.

Dummy language explanation: the 7z dev has no background in cryptography and just adding cryptographic libraries to your app isn’t enough, you have to implement them correctly - there are lots of tiny non-obvious things you can do wrong that will severely weaken encryption. This has already happened to 7z in the past.

TLDR: use audited software like Cryptomator for important things.