IPFS, Privacy and VPN - Brave Web3 Extension and VPN on operating system: functional or not?

Is it safe and private to use Brave configured this way?

  1. IPFS Companion
  2. Public Gateway
  3. Active VPN with split tunneling

In item 6 about IPFS Support in Brave says: “If you are using a system proxy, it’s possible the node will send some requests that than not go through the system proxy.”

Is this claim valid for VPNs recommended?
Is there a chance that my real IP will leak, even if the VPN connection doesn’t fall?

You missed a key part of item 6 there, which is “from your local IPFS node” - if you’re using a public gateway instead of running a local IPFS node like you say, then it doesn’t apply in the first place.

If you do run a local node then it depends on your VPN client. That still shouldn’t be the case if it has a properly firewalled kill switch.


Thank you so much!

I misinterpreted, believing that the second part of the sentence was worth in any circumstance when using IPFS\Brave.

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