iOS 17.2 hints at sideloading apps from outside the App Store

We also found references to a region lock in this API, which suggests that Apple could restrict it to specific countries. This wouldn’t make sense for MDM solutions, but it does make sense for enabling sideloading in particular countries only when required by authorities – such as in the European Union.

That’s unfortunate.


We will just change the device’s country.

I have been installing geofenced apps and they mostly think I am from country X (where works) when I am actually in country Y.

idk how this particular api would work. Unless its hard locked to a unit’s number’s country code (at the time of manufacturing) we will be able to bypass.

As per the article about countryd, it’s meant to take in multiple data points to determine country – it may be necessary to spoof wifi country codes on a router and/or get a foreign sim card to get around this one, especially with jailbreaking being very dead these days

I think there will always be some ways to circumvent this restriction, but it is a real shame that Apple still insist on not opening sideloading to everyone.

That’s ez these days coz of eSim’s

hypothetically apple could get around that by using roaming state, but this is all hypothetical at this point and it’s to be seen how apple uses countryd in the sideloading feature

Apple now has most of the features that I wanted when I switched to Android years ago. If sideloading isn’t available in the US, it would be unfortunate.

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Apple makes A LOT of money via the 30% App Store “tax” so I wouldn’t expect them to offer sideloading anywhere they are not forced to by law, at least not initially.


how would they do it in a foolproof way?

Yeah we can just give them the sauce right here. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@jonah make this thread private lollll.


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