DMA / Sideloading on iPadOS and tvOS

We know iOS will soon be required to allow other App Stores and sideloading in Europe thanks to the DMA. But will it be the same for tvOS and iPadOS?

iPadOS is a very close variant of iOS so almost certainly, but tvOS is a bit further from iOS so I think if the EU hasn’t designated tvOS explicitly I wouldn’t expect it.

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Great for iPadOS then but too bad for tvOS. I wanted to use a third party Youtube client, mostly.

Is Yattee not an option still for youtube? Don’t think it’s been pulled from the app store lol

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I didn’t know Yattee was on the App Store. Last time I checked it had to be installed using AltStore. The App Store version is using Piped/Invidious Instances to feed Youtube videos. Serviceable, but I’m looking for something more along the lines of NewPipe.

I don’t own an Apple TV but it’s something I’m looking into.

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Probably not, it would be banned from the app store otherwise.