Identity Verification Services

What are your thoughts on this type of business practices? I recently tried to purchase a VPS and was shocked when I found out that for pretty much every provider you have to take photos of both id and yourself!

Is there a way around this? Is this even legal? I mean I can see how a bank would need this information but for a server running Minecraft and host a couple of sites? Plus already provided even credit card details and all that…

It’s pretty bad. I’ve heard you can just give them a fake ID from google images, they’re probably not going to check it.

Ah! nice I didn’t really think it would work but I will give it a go

I’ve been using VPS for many years now and have never been asked to provide photos of myself or my ID, so it sounds like you might want to shop for different providers. I have found some good VPS deals through the years on Another option would be to get a Raspberry Pi, a Thin Client PC, or an older PC to self-host the server you want to bring up.


I’ve tried the most popular ones like Linode and Digital Ocean… at first it thought it might have been a thing for US/CA providers but even Hetzner in Germany does this. Why wouldn’t they mention this requirement upfront and not after I’ve registered and provided all my details, including credit card? What a **** move.

Thanks for that website I didn’t know it. Do you have any recommendations? I’ve checked this luxvps which is advertised on the homepage and looks like they have great offers, but it uses a .xyz domain… it shouldn’t really matter I know but it immediately makes think twice about it.

I’ve had success with RackNerd & DediPath deals I’ve gotten off of that site.

I’d suggest clicking around on offers here Low End Virtual Archives - LowEndBox

There are also cheap VPS here for:
under $1/mo - $1 VPS – 1 USD VPS Per Month (Updated November 2022) - LowEndBox
under $2/mo - 2 USD VPS - Cheap VPS Under $2/Month (Updated November 2022) - LowEndBox

On the site, people will talk about their experiences with the VPS providers that have different offers, so I’ve found it useful to read about other’s experiences before purchasing from a provider.

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Oh, wow, thanks that actually sounds like it’s almost too good to be true even! I’ll proceed with caution but I’m definitely interested.

I never had to do this at Hetzner but I have heard others say the same.

Might something they only started doing recently. I’ve tried a bunch (none from the list above yet) of the popular services and they all do this. Disgusting.