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Hey, what is a recommended vps that is privacy friendly. I am using it for web and database hosting. Digitalocean, and the other top publicized vps require so much info. Want to move away from them. Also, what is a good domain hosting service? I usually go with prokbun for their crypto payment methods, but anyone know any better ones regarding privacy. Thanks!

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For VPS, I wouldn’t know, you still have to trust them to not look into your disks data.

I personnally use OVH for VPS if you wanna know.

For Domains, Porkbun is the way to go, it’s just awesome.
That said, Porkbun uses DNS Cloudflare, I didn’t test myself but AFAIK, CAA is bypassed by Cloudflare, they don’t take CAA into account.

So, personnally, I use a combination of Porkbun for domains and deSEC for DNS.

deSEC’s UI is terrible, but the DNS in itself works like a charm, it’s fully PowerDNS compliant, so you kinda have every records you want.

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Appreciate the response! I will stick with porkbun then, and for vps I am stuck.

What is your reasoning on choosing a ovh for your vps? What are thr pros and cons? Are the privacy friendly?

Idk, I just know OVH, GrapheneOS uses OVH servers, but I have no arguement at all.
They are cheap, and it works well, I don’t tend to chose VPS for privacy tbh. I could’ve use Google that it would have been the same to me.

I mean, whatever provider you use, it’s literrally having a computer at their home sooo…

So, not that I’m doing anything illegal. Do you think they all are subjectable to getting seized?

It’s for Tor, but maybe it can help you : Tor Project | Good Bad ISPs

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