I can't access my router settings, Could you help me please?

I tried to access my router’s settings but i was only faced by this error message

My router’s model is ZTE ZXHN H168N

P.s I can’t change my router with another privacy respected one cause something like PROTECTLI Vault router’s price is so expensive in my country as its price equals three times my salary

maybe try with firefox

Replace https with http at the address bar

I tried it with no luck

Works with a very old version and takes ages to load

It works with a very old version of what? Do you get any different error message to show us?

Also, are you sure this is the correct ip address? What OS / phone brand are you using?

Are you using a vpn? That can also be the reason.

Install nmap.

And try:

nmap --script ssl-enum-ciphers -p 443

This way you can get a list of supported ciphers. Please report back so we can help you further.

My guess btw is that your router uses TLS 1.0 and your browser has kicked this protocol (for good reasons) and you will have to enable it in flags. But lets see the results first.

You likely want to replace your router…