Weak Security on my Wifi

I just got a new ISP and when I connect to the router it says “Weak Security”

I’ve been using a VPN for now and does that make my security better? I’m a beginner btw.

Assuming you didn’t buy a router from 2000s. You can How to Configure a Router to Use WPA3? - RouterCtrl go to your browser and type in URL or something like, login and configure it to use WPA2 or WPA3. You can search for tutorials for your router model.


In addition to what jerm said:
WPA (as in “WPA1”) is obsolete and trivial to crack for everyone who wants to be in your WiFi.
Take action immediately.


YES! I managed to switch it to WPA3 and the alert went away. BTW it was already on “WPA-WPA2-Personal” One more question when I was using a VPN did that help at all?

No - we’re talking about the security of your LAN (local, not internet).
Note that not all devices support WPA3 yet (Apple does), so you might have to choose “WPA2+WPA3” mode if you run into problems.

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@Valynor Ok forget to say I picked WPA2 - WPA3

I was actually having connection problems with an iphone 12 pro using WPA2/WPA3 mode on my router a few months ago and had to set it to WPA2 only

According to Apple iPhone 7 and newer support WPA3 but yeah, depending on how the router implements it there can always be compatibility issues.

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