Humble Bundle Cybersecurity

So there is this Humble Bundle from IT Pro TV/ACI Learnings and I have heard from them from a podcast as a sponsor (Security Now).

I still have my old Humble Bundle account to purchase it and I wonder if the content is good? I am specifically looking at their mid tier offering and wondering if the content is good enough to learn solo. The basic tier has too few and I dont think I need a lot of their complete tier offering?

So does anyone have any experience with these video training bundles? I’ve used HB before I was privacy aware and they seem to be alright up until they were acquired by IGN and the good bundle seems to have disappeared.

Anyway, I was wondering on how exactly I will download their video content. Do I have to sign up for another account? I saw a comment in reddit that Packt was the one that handled distribution, whatever that means.

I checked TOSDR and there was no entry for ACI Learnings. IT Pro TV or Packt. As usual, Humble Bundle is there and it is not rated.

Thank you community!

It seems likely you would need to make an account with ACI to redeem the keys to get the content.

Redeem your keys. All of the software in this bundle is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The content does seem to be DRM free which is nice to see these days.

Is there something specific you are looking to learn? The reason I asked is the bundle, to me, seems pretty focused on entry - mid tier cert training. I think there would better resources then this bundle for that, such as Professor Messer or Dion Training.

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I’m from a non-coding professional background so i dont know what i dont know.

Im looking for an entry level knowledge, mainly to help me defend my home network better.

Then this bundle may be pretty good. I would highly reccommend checking out the CompTIA subreddit. One of the more supportive communities you find on Reddit, full of great resources and helpful members if your looking to just get some foundational knowledge.

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