Any Recommended YouTube Guides?

I have noticed there are videos like Techlore which are a lot easier to follow compared to Grant Collins videos, where nothing is explained. Are videos like Grant Collins videos legit or should I follow Techlore videos? Why is their advice completed different on how to stay anonymous? Why are Grant Collins videos so overly complex and poorly communicated?

I haven’t watched any of Grant Collins’ videos myself, so I can’t say, but a lot of the time when this happens it’s just a matter of you not being the target audience for the videos. Techlore is geared towards a beginner crowd, whereas other channels might be more for people who already are deeper into the topic.

I contribute to Techlore outside of this, so I’m biased, but I think Techlore provides an excellent entry-point to privacy and security on the video side of things.

As far as YouTube in general goes, I would advise not getting too invested in any one single creator, and double-checking the facts you encounter in videos. A lot of the time you’ll find that privacy advice videos are not really based in reality, and/or are being presented by someone with ulterior motives (e.g. to sell their own product or an affiliate’s product). There is no review process for uploading something on YouTube after all.