How to update preinstalled apps trought Galaxy Store without a Google/Samsung account?

I use a Samsung device hardened by myself for privacy and security (without using adb neither a custom ROM) without a Samsung or Google account.

My main issue with not using a Samsung or Google account is that the Galaxy Store doesn’t let me look at a list of all apps that have available updates or simply a list of all apps intalled and updated trought the Galaxy Store without a Samsung or Google account, it’s only possible to see the number of apps that need to be updated, not what apps exactly.

I usually circunvent this by searching on the Galaxy Store for Samsung apps and by updating the ones I find, as well as go to every app and component that came preinstalled with my Samsung phone and that I couldn’t uninstall without using something like adb to verify if there are available updates, but that isn’t enought to update everything.

After all of that effort, there are always some apps that I miss (I know it due to a number that appears near the updates section of the Galaxy Store that tells the amount of apps with updates available, currently four apps) and I don’t know how to find them and update them without loging in to a Samsung or Google account.

My ideas are:

  1. Research online, write myself or ask someone (online, maybe trought this forum, or in real life) for a list of all Samsung apps and components that usually come preinstalled with Samsung devices and that are updated trought the Galaxy Store;

  2. Create a Samsung account;

  3. Create a google account.

  4. Keep some apps or system components outdated, in case I don’t find them or a way to update them;

  5. Another solution to update those apps that I don’t know about.

In options 2 and 3, I would only sign in trought my phone once to view all the apps preinstalled trought the Galaxy Store (the list of apps, a list that can’t be seen without an account), write down every single one of those apps somewhere (likelly on a notetaking app), update all of them once and then delete the account.

After not having an account anymore, I can return to search all the apps written in my list on the Galaxy Store and update them one by one whenever needed (at least search and manual updates work without an account).

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Why do you need this? Just use APKupdater. It will check updates automatically

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It doesn’t seem to support Galaxy Store as a source for apps, which is what I mainly want.

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How did you exactly hardened/uninstalled apps without adb?


Sorry, I should have been more specific.

I unninstalled has many preinstalled apps as I could, substituted them with alternatives, disabled every google, samsung and microsoft app that I could (including google play services), disabled some other things, rejected permissions to almost everything that didn’t need them (including preinstalled apps and system apps/components), don’t use a Google account neither a Samsung account and follow many Privacy Guides recomendations (use Brave with adjusted settings to suit my needs, Feeder as my Android rss reader of choice, …).

Resuming: I did only basic hardening that can be done without root, adb or custom roms, nothing comparable with those advanced techniques, althought I am still considering adb (will research more about it, and I know that Privacy Guides doesn’t officially endorse it).

To update Galaxy Store apps, I downloaded the APK from Apkmirror, specifically version 6.6.x.x.x. However, there is an issue with this method: it doesn’t update the Galaxy Store app, but it does update all the Samsung apps without requiring sign-in. My assumption is that the original app has the same signature keys as the APK downloaded from apkmirror, so it prompts for an update instead of installing a new app.