Should I use google account for getting updates to Google Play System update?

I have a Samsung phone.
I haven’t signed in be it Google/Samsung.
Use Aurora and F-Droid for downloading apps.
I’m receiving software updates and security updates from Samsung.
Only thing missing is Google Play System update, that will not be updated without signing in.
Do I need it or can it be ignored?

P.S:- I don’t plan to purchase Pixel and use GOS.

Last I checked, the Play Store allows you to install app updates without logging in. Ignore the login form and tap the hamburger menu near the top of the screen. Then choose “manage installed apps” or something like that (I don’t recall the exact name). You’ll be able to update installed apps there.


yes, but I’m asking if the ‘Google Play System update’ is crucial to be updated for security of the device???

Project Mainline (Google Play System Updates) does provide security updates to your device directly from Google, yes. In August they began releasing ART updates via this system which address a lot of upstream OpenJDK fixes, among other security-related things.

You do need it to receive every available security update as quickly as possible. I do not know enough about Samsung phones to know whether you’d eventually get the same security updates directly from Samsung or not.


Might not work as before. I just checked my work profile on phone and I can start google play and update installed app inside the profile, but I cannot install new app without connecting first to a google account.
Still a nice finding. Ive tried to use aurora in the past and it was not working very well. At least I can update app now.

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