Does using my phone (no rom) without an google account cause issues

As the title says. I am trying to leave google one step at a time and i only use the play store, but I am worried not using the account will make my device security worse or if I reset my phone it will lock me unless I add an account.

I still download most foss apps from there but most of them arent there. I also heard people say f droid has security issues.

Should I stick with the play store or is it okay?

note: I am on a samsung phone, so im not 100% degoogled, and I cant install a rom :confused:

i appreciate any help

You should use Aurora store so you can still receive updates for the Google System WebView app.


If anything, it would improve privacy relating to Google.

however, note that Google Play Services nullify that little bit of gained privacy, as basically every app you have installed uses it in some way, unless you explicitly made sure they don’t.

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if i use aurora store and get those updates, does this mean my security will be good regardless? i may have misunderstood

yeah unfortunately the gps is another problem, i use netguard on my phone with dns so maybe that could fix it a bit.

Your phone likely still sends your phone number off to Google and serial number to Qualcomm:

Removing some apps is just sticking your head in the sand.

If you are still on a stock ROM, just stick with Google Playstore. Google still knows it is you anyway and you are making your attack surface larger.

I feel like private phones are an all-in kind of environment with no shades of gray in between.

I dont get it, the system Webview along with all others should be a system app? Can you update those?

Yes stock Android is a privacy nightmare. Use “package manager” from F-Droid and a Laptop with adb and uninstall as much as possible. Google Play services are locked though, and Android will spam error messages if they are “broken”.

Try to find LineageOS/ResurrectionRemix/CalyxOS/divestOS/iodeOS/GrapheneOS

good point, but i did still take precautions not putting my real name on google or info, they probably still know me.

yes i am talking about that.

I understand that, but thats not my question. I am asking if not using a google account impacts my phones security. And the question about frp lock, this has happened to me before but i wanna know if theres a way to prevent it.

also about the roms, i literally cant install a rom, samsung likes to lock their bootloaders where im from.

I reread my post and I think i wasn’t very clear with what I was talking about.

My threat model is to limit the amount of data I give to companies, I use alternatives to apps as much as possible.

Logically, I wont get great control over my privacy if I am using a privacy invasive phone over a custom rom. But I believe something is better than nothing, and I would definately give ROMs a try and get a new phone if I could, but personal reasons I cannot.

Security is very important to me aswell, and like I said in my post, I mentioned the google account and play store because google does seem have good security, but obviously bad privacy. But again i try circumventing this with fake information and not using any google services as possible. Again, some progress is better than nothing to me. I fear removing my google account would cause security and phone issues and like I mentioned with F-Droid, I dont know if that is true.

So my main question is basically is it safe security wise, will this cause an FRP lock?

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Yes. Updates for system apps get installed in a similar manner to normal apps, but their pre-installed counterpart will always stay in the system partition and it will be registered as a system app.

You’re not in- or decreasing your attack surface by logging in, you are restricting yourself from using Google Services - including the Google Play Store.

note that Google Play Services still assign a unique identifier to devices, even when not logged in.

FRP locks happen when you’re logged in, not the other way around.

Okay in your situation best option: use ADB and debloat as much as possible. I did a Samsung Galaxy s9 debloat already, it was the worst of all others, but I can share the app list. Be cautious, some uninstalls may break features like lockscreen camera or you get constant crash notifications.

Then get a NextDNS and setup samsung, facebook, microsoft and google tracker block lists. Switch your default DNS to this one.

Uninstall as much as possible, install as regular user apps when needed.

Your safety is totally okay, security never has to rely on online Accounts.

thanks for the advice, i have nextdns but havent tried adb yet.

thanks for the clarification