How to turn off online status?

On the forum’s homepage, it shows the users who are online. I want to turn this off, but cannot find out where it is in the settings.


use anonymous mode ? there doesn’t seem to be an setting that user can turn off. It has to be done at the admins end. But i can understand people won’t like this feature.

Want to know this too, lol.

This forum is about privacy yk :rofl:

this would be nice to know…

This is no longer the case :+1:


However that being said… you can also always disable other public profile features (and this feature on other forums that use it) in your User Preferences → Interface settings by checking:

Hide my public profile and presence features


(I found that setting after posting this, but as you mention, it didn’t affect this issue. Either way though, I want to keep the other profile stuff. This is a public forum, so I’m putting myself out here a bit already by participating in it.)