Anonymous Posting Mode

Have a question or comment you don’t want linked to your main forum identity? Forum users granted trust level 1 can enter anonymous posting mode, which generates an anonymous user you can post from. To do so, click your profile picture in the top right, select the user icon at the bottom of the sidebar, and click Enter Anonymous Mode:

Anonymous mode posting is an easy substitute to creating multiple accounts (which we discourage) and is meant to prevent your posts/replies/questions from being indexed and tied to your profile by search engines, web crawlers, and forum users. It is not made to bypass moderation checks on the forum.


This is an example of a reply from an anonymous posting account! You can go back to your main profile in the same menu by selecting Exit Anonymous Mode.

Anonymous accounts like this are unique per-user, they aren’t shared by multiple users to let you keep track of any conversations you make. However, they are temporary identities, and disabled after about a week, so if I leave anonymous mode and try to use it again in a week or two, a brand new anonymous posting account will be generated.

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A cool idea, but it makes much more sense to use a username that can’t be tied to other profiles. Also, does this system incrementally count up the anonymous account name (i.e. ‘anonymous1’ then ‘anonymous2’ etc.) each time a new account is created? I could see that potentially being a privacy issue (from editing the URL you can see other anonymous profiles). While this is more convenient over creating multiple accounts, it also gives you less control.

Can you elaborate on this? I’m not sure what the danger is of knowing that other anonymous profiles exist seeing as the posts they make will be public. The idea isn’t that the profile is indistinguishable from other anonymous posters, the idea is that the profile is indistinguishable from your primary profile.

Can the address displayed in anonymous mode account preferences email be used? Nice feature either way. Thanks!

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