How to harden Safari on both iOS and macOS?

I think Safari is the best option if you’re in the Apple eco-system.

What settings can I change/ can I do to harden it even further?

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I am also on the lookout for such a guide (I think it doesn’t exist) but these links may help:


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I think you are mistaken. Safari is the only option when it comes to iOS. There is no other browsers, technically speaking. All others are pretty much “reskins”.

I understand that, but there still have to be ways to harden safari to the max of its abilities without giving up relatively high convenience and ease of use. I want to get to that max.

For iOS you can use this guide:

You’re quite knowledgeable on topics like this, so maybe you can help answer a question I’ve recently encountered: Should the standard WebKit Feature Flag configuration of Safari on an iOS device in lockdown mode be modified for further security, privacy, or usability? If so, which changes might be advisable?

I don’t use anything in the Apple or Microsoft ecosystem, so I cannot answer such questions in further detail.