How to delete PrivacyGuides Forum account?

Currently there is no option to delete your account in the setting ?
Could it be added ?

IIRC this is a Discourse issue and not a PrivacyGuides issue.

Also if you tell PG to delete your account, can we really truly ever trust them? The server is opaque to us, who is to say if PG has a hidden copy elsewhere?

If their server backup is good or if their IT guy/s is, at the very least, decent, you know for sure that the server maintainer has to have a copy of all if not most of your data elsewhere for easy data restoration.

Asking for a delete of your account across all their backup copies doesnt seem to be feasible.

Lurking remains the best option for privacy and anonymity.

I am not understandig this argument. This would actually be illegal.

Backup’s can be part of your rentention as long as you are transparant on the dates.

GDPR actually gives all EU persons the right to erasure so this is quite a feasible request.