How to deal with a specific website (pixiv) that doesn't allow TOR?

There’s a website that I like to use it a lot for art (pixiv) both SFW and NSFW, never had any problem until stable diffusion came out, which allowed many people to create legally dubious art. I tried blocking any AI generated content just to be safe, but for some reason the site only has the option to reduce the amount.

The only way that I thought to deal with this is to use TOR and just live with horrible art. However pixiv doesn’t work on TOR, and the only good alternative is a mastodon instance tha currently is not accepting new members.

Another important part to mention is the legality of my situation, my country allows this type of art as long as is not from a real person and “realistic”. I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know if me just seeing this kinda of stuff create by an AI (via thumbnails) is bad. The problem is that even thumbnails get stored in the memory, even in the private window (although temporary), the only way to truly get rid of this stuff as far as I’m aware is to overwrite that specific memory space.

How should I proceed? Just use a VPN and carry on?