How to configure Orbot?


I’m using the Orbot application (with RethinkDNS) and I’d like to know how to configure it, as Orbot has many options whose effects I don’t really understand.

I’d like to know if you think it’s better to open a proxy on all interfaces, to define an entry and exit node?
And if it’s also better to isolate the destination address and port and enable connection stuffing?

Orbot suggests that I enable it with messaging and social media applications such as Signal, Telegram and Whatsapp, but should I also enable it for Discord and Snapchat, for example, and other non-messaging and social media applications?

Thanks in advance.

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rethinkdns dev here

You’ll have better luck with asking this question on r/Tor.

In general, you’re okay using the default settings, since with Orbot, you’re not really using Tor to go anonymous but merely using it as a substitute for a proxy / VPN.

Anonymity is a nuanced and deep topic (why), but for starters, you’re better off using the Tor Browser.

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