How-To buy a concert ticket in Danmark anonymously?


I wish to buy a concert ticket on

How-To buy a concert ticket in Danmark anonymously?

I am not Danish, so this maybe stupid question

I think Ticketmaster is active in many more countries, question doesn’t seem really related to being in Denmark. For someone who isn’t Danish I like to see you adopted the Danish spelling Danmark ;).

General advice would be to use an email alias service and a different network to book your ticket.

Give as little information as needed. When asked for name try if initials work or go by a chosen name.

Try to find out if there are ID checks and if they check the name matching the ticket. Most of the time this is not the case. Personally I went to many festivals and parties under none official names. Usually they allow any name on the ticket and ID check is done separately. Unfortunately it may happen that one day you are confronted with this. In such case be prepared to explain so. It usually is much easier to say you brought the ticket (if this is allowed) but you can also explain you do so for personal security.

Be aware that most venues nowadays have CCTV and you will not really be anonymous. I highly wonder what is the goal of your request. What are you trying to protect?

I am not sure what is the purpose of the visit and how “anonymous” you need to be. But if this is a very critical situation it would be wise to contact someone for more expertise and support.

Most concert and sporting event tickets have some fine print that says your likeness can be used how they want. Probably in case they want to release an audio or video recording of the show, or broadcast it on TV or radio.

Edit: I mean that’s how it is in the USA, but would not surprise me if it was the same in other countries.