How simple is the transition from Neo Store to F-Droid Basic

There are certain apps that I use which are only available on F-Droid repositories. So far I’ve been using Neo Store as per Privacy Guide’s previous recommendation, but it looks like F-Droid Basic is now the recommended F-Droid client.

I have apps installed from various repositories, so I’m wondering how simple it would be to transition from Neo Store to F-Droid Basic. Would it be as simple as installing F-Droid Basic, adding all the repositories I use, and uninstalling Neo Store? Or would I have to re-install all applications I get from F-Droid to be sure that I’ll continue to receive updates?

Yes, just add repo and uninstall neo store.

The first update for each application will need to be manually installed. But after that it’ll be automated (don’t worry, F-Droid will notify you so that you don’t miss it)


On my device, it’s automatically download updates but install needs to be manually done. Also, cannot update all like Aurora Store but have to click update individually. Is this normal?

Yes, it’ll do that once per app. The next app update will be automatic

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