Remove note about getting F-Droid apps from Obtanium

I think this note: “Obtainium can also be used to download apps from F-Droid repositories, and may serve as a useful alternative to the official F-Droid clients.” should be removed due to the same reasons we are planning on no longer recommending Neo Store.


Neo Store is no longer recommended, really, why is that? Droid-ify is also more recommended?

No third party F-Droid clients will be recommended anymore, not Neo Store or Droid-ify. The official “F-Droid Basic” client will be recommended instead. Here is the forum discussion on the matter.

Yeah… I was thinking about this, but the impact of using an app like Obtainium to update specific apps versus using an alternative client like Neo Store seemed smaller. I think it does make sense to just only recommend F-Droid Basic for F-Droid apps though, so I’ll make this change in the upcoming release:

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