How do you privately send yourself an email?

On an untrusted public library computer, you don’t wanna log in to your main account.

Currently, I use a secondary private email account, but I’m wondering if there’s a better way… Maybe with Nostr?

It would also be better if the attachment sent is deleted from the sender after a while. Signal does this perfectly, but I also don’t wanna log into Signal in a public library.

You should use a VPN or tor

These computers are all monutored usually so anything you do on it won’t be

You might find Guerilla Mail helpful. There are no accounts in the traditional sense.

The website gives you a secret key, and with that secret key you own an account. A Guerilla Mail account allows you to compose e-mails and own an inbox.

From what I can tell, you might only care about their composing, but if you’re also interesting in their inboxing, they have a system that they follow, which you can find in their FAQ in /about.

Edit: They delete your inbox from their servers after a while, but I’m not sure how they will deal with items you’ve sent.