How do i know arkenfox is working?

so i installed arkenfox in firefox browser.
but I’m not sure if I did it right and if it works.
how do i find out?

Arkenfox has letterboxing enabled by default, so if your websites are “shrunk” and surrounded by a grey border, then it’s probably enabled.

I believe it also clears all history by default, and it sets about:blank as the default homepage.

what kind of websites? can you give me a exemple (link) ?

You can look in about:config and see what the variable _user.js.parrot is set to, if it’s the final goodbye message you know it applied everything. See 5.2 Troubleshooting · arkenfox/user.js Wiki · GitHub


Arkenfox.js enables fingerprinting resistance by default so the first thing you should notice is that your browser will always open in a smaller window after you exit the browser, even if you maximise the window.

it says:

SUCCESS: No no he’s not dead, he’s, he’s restin’!

what does that mean?

Then, Arkenfox works and all his configs have been applied.

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Ok thanks :slight_smile: