How do I download all my saves from Instagram

I want to tone down my usage from instagram, and thus I first want to get all of the stuff that I hold important out. The saves (personal collection of posts you saves) I’ve done over the years is one of them, and I want to know the most privacy friendly and easy way to extract them all, while not nuking my account due to bulk downloads.

From what I’ve gathered, these are the few options to do just that, but I’m not sure how good or privacy friendly they are; so please guide me.

  1. wfdownloader

  2. galley-dl

  3. Reddit Guide

It seems that yt-dlp (GitHub - yt-dlp/yt-dlp: A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes) supports downloading from instagram. It is a well known application, so perhaps try that. It would require you to supply links to your saves though…

That’s my problem. The collection is huge, and would take a lot of time if done like this. I was using for individual posts before, if nothing else comes up, I’d look into it.