How big of a deal is Android wallpaper fingerprinting?

I remember watching a video about it from Side of Burritos on Youtube.

I am to new to these types of things to really gauge how big of a deal this is. Is it recommended to either have a black background or something very popular or is this really only a concern for people with extremely high threat models?


Note that you can easily change the colors seperately from your Wallpaper including to a black n’ white from the settings, and that many Android OEM skins disable this (thus making it fall back to blue).

Apart from that, I would say this probably isn’t a concern in most people’s threat models.

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There are so many other ways for native Android app developers to fingerprint devices that this is virtually irrelevant. The Android app sandbox is simply not designed to prevent fingerprinting in the first place.

As far as I’m aware, the APIs in Material You to grab this color information aren’t made available to websites, which is where the real fingerprinting problems would begin, so I’m doubtful this would actually impact anyone.


Neither Chromium nor Firefox exposes these colors to websites, even though Chromium does use them for their own UI.

Firefox also uses them for page widgets too, but the browser will always protect them from the website.

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