Privacy screens

Ok, maybe the wrong place to ask but we’ll see. Does anyone here know of a good privacy screen protector for the Pixel 7 Pro which supports fingerprint unlock? I’ve tried two so far with no luck, they claim to support it but fail either most of the time with one or all the time with the other. Just switched from iPhone and none of the brands I trusted seem to make privacy screens for pixels.

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I use mine bare. Are they actually effective?

On my iPhone yeah. I had people comment all the time about not being able to see my screen. I’d just tell them that’s intentional.

They’re effective in two ways: stopping others who are off-angle to see your screen content and you from enjoying your formerly bright, beautiful, colour-accurate screen. :wink:

Edit: they can also reduce touch sensitivity

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Eh, i didn’t notice a color issue on iPhone, but again that was a brand I trust. Not one of the multitude of alphabet soup names I’m finding for Pixel privacy screens.

It’s not really about brands (although I guess there are better and worse ones) but about optics/physics.

These are multi-layered plastic films that reduce brightness considerably (reflection at every transition between layers) and even very expensive glass polarizing filters for photography shift colours/colour temperature a bit and the products for smartphones are not glass (=worse in optical properties).

As usual you have to compromise, if you need more privacy the privacy screen protectors might be fine for you, if you often edit photos on your phone and need to see proper colours they might be too much of a downside.

My issue is mainly the fingerprint sensor. I may give up though since I’m 0 for 2 on purchase attempts, one glass and one plastic film