How bad is it to use Google Play on Android

Now with Aurora out of the picture it seems there is no real alternative to using the Google Play store for apps that cant be downloaded directly or via Fdroid.

But how bad is it actually to use Play store? I never used it before on my current phone, its no problem to create a dummy google account and the apps I need is free so no credit card needs to be registered. But what info will they actually get from my device ? Will they pull my phone number and whatnot ?

Absolutely proprietary malware duh.

And Aurora still works here and there.

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I have been unable to make Aurora work for anything but updating already installed apps for months.
Have installed latest nightly build, have tried all tricks with force stop and clear cache, have tried all tricks with opening app site in webbrowser and redirect it to Aurora, have created a dummy google account that was shut down immediately when I used it in Aurora. There is not anymore to try.
In my book it does not work anymore because it will take days if not weeks to download a single app and thats no good. And there is no signs that Google will ever loosen up again for third party app stores.

Do you know which info google actually collects when using it ?