Help me i got a virus on my phone, what to do now?



  1. Signal
  2. Antimine
  3. Element
  4. FFShare
  5. Image Resizer (Toolbox)
  6. Invizible pro
  7. Mull
  8. PINcredible
  9. Samsung Members
  10. Aegis

System apps:

This is even worse😭

  1. Android System Intelligence
  2. Digital Wellbeing
  3. Find My mobile
  4. Google Play service for AR
  5. Meta App Manger
  6. Meta Services
  7. Samsung Cloud
  8. Shortcut BNR

Which virus total app? Pls share the link to the exact download or app store. Where did you get the other apps from? Which device and OS? Has your OS always been up-to-date?


Looks to be this app here.

VirusTotal Mobile by Funny Cat is a community app, just mentioned, but not really endorsed by the VirusTotal team.

We can’t really provide definitive answers without having access to your device and these results, but these are almost certainly false positives. TrendMicro-HouseCall is an antivirus engine for Windows and macOS, not Android.

I don’t think VT uses any Android AV engines (although it has Android sandboxes), so I wouldn’t use VT for scanning your mobile phone at all.

You might consider using Hypatia on Android. Alternatively, you probably don’t need to bother with malware scanning on Android at all in all likelihood.


If you are a person with significant risk (journalist, activist, investigator vs a normal person like most of us), a nuclear option may be the right thing to do: Securely dispose of your digital devices: desktop, laptop, mobile devices as well as your router or switch, just to be sure and maybe change residence as well.

The push back to sanity is that it’s probably fine and like what @jonah said, just false positives.

I also would not advise to just randomly toss things into VirusTotal without forethought because the free version pretty much makes the submission public, especially to the paid users (for analysis of security researchers) of VirusTotal. It is not wise to just dump entire contents of you phone because there is a risk that the contents of your correspondences/your files will be distributed publicly online as well.

Yeah, that will be our advice in our upcoming guide on the subject (if you have reason to suspect your device is compromised, which probably doesn’t exist in this case).

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Yeah that’s where i downloaded it.

Few days ago i posted about having many apps in my main profile on my phone are infected with Troj_gen.some letters and number which is weird because it is the only antivirus to address this infection after i scanned my phone and i found many people on the internet complaining about an infected file on pc and android and many people believe that it is false positive and btw Vita3K, Cromite, Thorium, Revanced extended and many other apps on my phone!!!, And i think that Trend Micro are trying to make some kind of “show” cause OMG they are the only antivirus company that caught these kind of virus and their customer service was unable to help someone who was infected with this virus that their app discovered and yup this is a true story lol.

So what is your opinion about all of this?

P.s I deleted almost every app that was infected except the system ones that refused to be deleted and after i reinstall my apps from the trusted sources like Droid-ify and the Github sources i got from the F-droid store and after i installed them and rescan my mobile, Voila i got new non-infected apps infected which is really weird to be honest,This app is Antimine which is open source on F-droid store.

If you’re actually worried at all, you should probably wipe the phone and start from scratch.


What @pinkandwhite said. Also AV software on mobile devices is spyware/malware and makes no sense at all.

Looking at your recent posts about viruses on your device you should perhaps take a step back and consider what you could do differently to avoid these situations.