Privacy focused Antivirus - Mobile


inspired by this thread:

I figured I would open one for the mobile section.
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As far as I have understood, there (supposedly) useless on Android (iOS)
I can start to understand and have a few links open to get more Infos BUT:
Chromium (Brave, Chrome etc) don’t ask before they download and some links just don’t tell you it’s a download before you click it. Only Chromium browser that does is Edge Android. The rest just download and ask me if I want to open it…
Which is why I am using Eset Mobile Security atm.
I am aware of the trackers.

Hypatia is the only recommendation


I’ll give it another try, last time it did not detect eicar. As far as that is important, because G Data didn’t either…
Edit: Need the extended database, then Icar is recognized

You do not need the extended database to detect eicar, nor do I recommend you enable that experimental feature.

That’s weird.
I’ll uninstall and try again. First time it didn’t work.
But I can live with a few false positives…
Edit: Tried a few times. Same results. Have to click extended database, ok, update database. Then test file from eicar (official HP) is detected. Without no reaction.

You’re saying it doesn’t detect this?

Not detection but that link opens in the browser.
Will not detect

The .zip either…
After extended database it gets the .zip
RE Android 14
Pixel 7 Pro
Brave as per your guide +extra stuff deactivated in Websitesettings

The best antivirus is you (even Hypatia which is often recommended is not perfect).

I’ve been reading around online about the security model:
(For me this stuff was new)
But since I can’t get Brave to n o t automatically download of the net once I click a link (that hides a PDF Doc) I’ll leave some sort of protection on my device.
Alternative would be to use Edge, since that is the only browser to ask first.