Couldn't remove virus detected by Hypatia FOSS antivirus?

I couldn’t remove virus detected by Hypatia and when i tap on delete it takes me to nowhere, The notifications tile just go up!!
What should i do??? And should i deleted them manually?

P.s: All of detected files are from this Shared folder on Whatsapp and i scanned one of them on Virustotal and it was clean, What to do???

According to your screenshot? Just reinstall (better remove totally) WhatsApp. This should solve your issue

it could be a false positive.
But if the files are not important better delete them manually.
Maybe hypatia doesn’t have write permission in the directory.

I am not sure virus total is good at picking all malwares specially mobile malware.
False positive are common. You should ask in Divest OS support , if this could be a false positive.


We’ve explained AntiVirus apps on Android to you before - several times.
Please stop opening new topics about this.