Have you ever seen the Hermit app?

It basically lets you create sandboxes for different websites (kinda like Firefox Multi-Account Containers), and then run as a PWA on it’s own window.

I took a quick look at the privacy policy, and they state that they don’t collect personal data, only crash reports. The first release of the app was in 2015, pretty reliable it seems.

Not open source, and it’s only available at the Google Play Store (don’t know about the App Store, from Apple).

I think it is reasonable to think that only a web browser can do that properly and we already have multitudes of discussion on what browser to use and how effective the sandboxing is.

If you will sandbox the app, I say why not sandbox the android profile and use a work profile? If you sandbox the phone OS, I say why not sandbox BlueStacks on a Qubes VM?


I think you missed the point here.

That’s the type of sandbox I meant, containers.

You already have those on Firefox, why do you need to add another layer of software and trust (that they will keep things up to date?)

And if you dont trust Firefox/Gecko the only other choice is a chromium based browser.

Again… you’re missing the point.

  1. Containers are not available on Firefox for Android (not officially, at least)
  2. Hermit IS a mobile app, so what you’re saying just doesn’t apply here.

Anyways, not advocating for an app that I don’t use.