Another tool I think is a good idea to include in the encryption software section.
GpgFrontend it is pretty much self explanatory :smiley: BUT, this is the best GPG frontend I saw since the old Seahorse in the early 2000’s… (yes I loved Seahorse)
You can manage your keyring, encrypt files, text, fantastic piece of software.

I’m installing it to test.

Currently my favourite is Kleopatra (shipped with GPG4Win). Kleopatra - KDE Applications

Ok, it’s quite as complete as Kleopatra, but it does litterally everything we may need and make everything easier.

Very good for begginers

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Anyone tried it? How is it compared to something like Kleopatra?

I started at the end of the 90s using SeaHorse in Gnome, then I moved to Kleopatra and since I posted this I have been using GpgFrontend; I love it. Just try it.

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I will, thanks for recommending it.

Are there any particular differences/features you found that made you switch to it?

The short answer is no, it is just personal preference.
In the beginning only Seahorse (gnome) and Kleopatra (KDE) were the only decent frontends for GPG, I have used Gnome since ever.
I don’t remember when, seahorse changed and I didn’t like it so I moved to Kleopatra but I never actually like it either. (why? I don’t know, I guess as I said, at the beginning there was a “war” between Gnome and KDE, i was team Gnome and maybe that is why).

On the other hand, GpGFrontend has a great interface, the support is great and very friendly AND I request the flatpak and they created it :smiley:
There isn’t a reason per sé, it just feels better…

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