Passbolt (Password Manager)

Hope this is the right place to request! Wondering if we can add passbolt to the password manager recommendations?

Haven’t had time to look into this too deeply but it seems opensource and audited by Cure53.

Also its interesting how they seem to utilize openpgp.js (protonmails encryption library) for the client side encryption.) Instead of the usual symmetrical key approach, I wonder what that does for performance of large vaults on less powerfull devices.

Looking at the about page, they do seem to have some VC money behind it: Passbolt password manager for agile teams - About us

All in all, this one does seem worth looking into.

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Past discussion for context:

Unfortunately desktop apps are still “coming soon” so not much has changed since last August, although development has started:

@Sneubeck do you use Passbolt personally or as part of a team/business?

Looking into it, it seems like she works for Passbolt as a content marketing manager, see: Shelby Lee Neubeck – Medium


Full disclosure, I do work with passbolt. The marketing and the development is geared toward teams, but essentially all that means is a focus on secure collaboration.

The community edition is definitely viable for personal use and there are future plans to make a more individual focused plan.

The forum you shared has some great updates on the desktop app, as Remy mentioned it’s actually ahead of schedule.

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Do we have an update on this?

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