Gmail vs my gmail with k9-mail

If i use my gmail(google) with k-9 mail i upgrade my privacy or is the same? I m changing all the data with google, but until i dont have all ok i need to use gmail. Im using a phone with divest OS actuallly. Thanks un advance!

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Why not forwarding your gmail Mails to the new one?


Using the GMail app you get the benefit of greater account security through the lack of eg. per-app passwords.

But using K-9 you get the benefit of having an app that won’t try to snoop on other parts of your phone.

Pick your poison.


K-9 should support OAuth2 for Gmail.


It has been supported since v.6.200 of the app according to the following GitHub release: Release K-9 Mail v6.200 · thunderbird/thunderbird-android · GitHub

(The current stable release version is v6.603.)

For new or existing K-9 Mail users, here are some useful links to documentation about OAuth 2.0 for Gmail:

Edit: You do receive a prompt for multi-factor authentication between steps 3 and 4 in the above link.

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Using K-9 mail can’t magically make a non-private e-mail service like Gmail private. But it can at least replace the gmail app on your phone, which is a step in the right direction, and prevents the gmail app from snooping. But to be clear, it doesn’t prevent any of the invasiveness of the gmail service itself, what you send/recieve and who you communicate with using gmail via K-9 mail would still not be private.


Sure its still using gmail, but other app are still very a good upgrade over gmail app. I use failmail and

  • no ads
  • multiple account, combined view
  • tracker beqcon/image not loaded by default. Can load only image or tracker and image.
  • link confirmation on click
  • openpgp/smime for those that care
  • code/fingerprint required when opening app
  • full of other customization. This is just the beginning.

As for k9, ill check it again in tje duture when mozilla get more stuff done and complete their branded k9 as “thunderbird for mobile”