FUTO Harbor / Polycentric (Keybase Alternative)


Short description

Web-of-trust based identity and claim service. Basically you can create a profile, add claims such as occupation, skill, or social media profiles, and then other people can “vouch” for these claims. Seems to be mobile app only.

Technical docs:

Why I think this tool should be added

Just dropping this here for discussion since we have a few Keybase-alternative topics open already.

Section on Privacy Guides

some new section related to digital identity (Keyoxide (Keybase Alternative) - #12 by jerm)

Profile example:


The claims system is a bit crazy, it seems like every claim has to be verified by someone else separately, so if you wanted to verify every claim on my profile for example, you’d have to do 4 of them? :thinking:

I like the concept of a web of trust, but this seems not very well thought out… I’m also not certain whether claims can be revoked.