Fully anonymous sim card (phone number) options

company EE from UK: you can buy the sim card from supermarket with cash, then use it without ID validation.

This is the only one I know, any other ideas?

Please share!

Here you go champ, list of countries no registration required on bottom of website a table
There might be a better website out there but this will give you what your after.


Its a bit not updated. My country has now it in effect (still says soon in the table). Downside is that it links to a chinese URL… Alibaba server IIRC… smh

For UK numbers, you need to be a bit techie.

But it doesn’t get better than jmp.chat

They recently added a great provider - AASetup - Soprani.ca Wiki

I have used EE and 02 in the UK. Pretty sure you can do the same with giffgaff and lyca.