For the privacy conscious but not so tech savvy, HELP!

I did not want this to be my first topic, but… I couldn’t decide. Bear with me. It’s babysteps. I would like to know how a disabled ap can still run in the foreground and background? I probably already know the answer. It just so happens on this device they are google apps and samsung apps, except for Smoothie Kingg. I disable it because i could not uninstall gmail, chrome, youtube, smoothie king, secure folde, and samsung visit in. Does who own them answer my question? Is there a way to stop it?

I don’t really understand your question tbh.

But if you are asking why it is possible that disabled apps still run. It can be because it either is disabled for another user than it runs under or it it is a different compartment of the app.

I guess what im trying to say I’m the only user. I was trying to limit my use of google because that is all i can do right now. I am not able to delete a lot of the preinstalled apps, so the best I can do is disable. They are not connected to anything as far as I know and I turned off sync. I just dont understand how they are still running in the foreground and some are even running in the background. Is there a way to completely stop them

I’m afraid you can’t do much, google play services run as privileged app and even if you disable something I guess that could be ignored.

That bites I remember a few yrs back gmail, chrome, and maps didnt come preinstalled. I also remember just a year ago they didnt come pre-installed but once you installed them you couldnt delete. I honestly thought even now that there was a way to delete the three I mentionef above without compromising the device

Maybe you could try with the universal android debloater if you feel like it.
Keep in mind that if your device is still receiving updates the adb changes will be reverted with a system update.

I wouldn’t recommend using ADB for “disabling” or “uninstalling” apps, it can do more harm than good.

I am totally cluelesd when it comes to adb, lol sry most computer stuff, I’m learning. Okay this device I’m on is a S20+ unfortunately I did not know when I bougjt it that it was becoming obsolete. I replaced it with a S21+ but that phone is not activated yet. I have not signed into a google account and I honestly dont want to. So does google still have total access even without me signing in. The play services seems like its still functioning like its supposed to. My bf will not let me purchase to pixels but that is my goal in the near future. If only I had stumbled across y’all around Christmas thats when I purchased the S21+ and he has the A54. Neither one is activated yet. I need to let the dust settle from these two devices before I can talk him into two more thats even more expensive than these. He is the type of person that keeps a phone for years, lol. I’ll convince him its just a little too soon.