Firefox container tab isolation

If I open a container tab and close the container tab, does all information from that container tab instantly get deleted? So if I open a different website in the same but new container tab the website can’t see any information from the previous website?

For example, I have 4 different containers (work, personal, videos and play). If I open a website in a personal container tab, close the personal container tab then open a different website in the same but new personal container tab, will all the cookies, info, etc. from the previous website be deleted?

I’m trying to prevent all tracking from any website site from seeing anything from the previous website. I’m not sure if ‘Total Cookie Protection’ does this automatically for all tabs or if I need an extension like Temporary Containers ( Temporary Containers – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-GB) ) to do this. I don’t want to create a 100 different containers, but a simple way to completely seperate and isolate each website I visit from each other.

No, you have to sanitize on quit. The reason cookie cleaning extensions don’t work is because they don’t clear other kinds of persistent data, eg IndexedDB etc.

TCP already partitions sites so they can’t access resources from each other and it is now the default.

Temporary containers isn’t needed anymore. You could use Firefox’s official Firefox Multi-Account Containers for isolating a domain in different contexts. For example if you had a Google Workspace account “for work” and a “Gmail account” that was your personal one, these would both share the same domains and you’d want to use MAC to separate that. (Or any other domain which you want to login multiple times to).

See arkenfox’s wonderful wiki for further details.


Good info! Thanks for the reply! Very much appreciated!

Also there’s some documentation here about state partitioning and.

Also their site isolation is now on by default and process isolation came around Firefox 100.