Filibuster of Bill S-210 Confirmed: Conservative MPs Put Privacy and Free Speech Online at Risk

TLDR Canada is on the verge of passing Bill S-210. This bill is being touted as a way to protect children online from things like pornography, through the use of age/ID verification techniques.
In writing however, it gives the government the ability to age-gate/require ID for almost any website due to vague language, and provides a legal framework for a “Great Firewall” to block Canadian access to websites that don’t comply.

In second reading in second house (house of commons), MP mentioned Canadians getting around this problem with VPNs, and she said they are looking into how to fix that workaround.

This bill is opposed by Liberal party, but is supported by Conservative, NDP, and Bloc. It only has to pass third reading to be considered a passed bill and signed into law.

They are not allowing expert testimony to be taken on this bill


I just re-watched the David Fraser video on this. It’s a bill I would only expect a dictatorship or pass. Imagine the stuff that will happen if the Cons get elected?

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