ELI60 How would you know that Google doesn't have something "odd" in their Pixel phone?

It’s not a bad approach, to evaluate what that person is going to do and provide suitable options. I do think the starting from less, and adding as you need it has some merit, as modern smart phones bombard older users with a lot of things.

Exactly, in my case we have an E2EE room in Matrix, sufficiently we can post pictures, and messages to everyone in the group without outsiders being able to read them. I like element because there are suitable desktop apps that aren’t a pain to use. Multi device support is good.

I didn’t really have to pretend. One thing to remember about older people is they come from a generation where these things didn’t exist. New and packed with features isn’t necessarily something they find exciting.

They are going to care far more that they can do what they need to do. In this case my dad usually wants to:

  • Search for a phone number or something in search engine with Vanadium
  • Read an email Gmail, Proton Mail is a good alternative here though and have done that with some family members in their 70s. Due to the minimal usage it gets we didn’t bother
  • Calendar
  • Send a message to me and my family or post a picture with Camera
  • Aves
  • Alarm clock timer (he uses the AOSP one)
  • Read PDF
  • Quillpad
  • Phone
  • Messages
  • Maps
  • Bitwarden

What frustrates him is “changes” so, sticking between his mail app, vanadium and element has been a very constant experience. We use the official google messages/phone app in order to avoid annoying spam, which works pretty well.

I made sure to log into his google account and disable YouTube history / maps timeline.


When I made that post I was referring to like the original post not really yours, though I did respond to yours in some parts, sorry if I wasn’t really clear