E-Mail provider supporting VJournal and JTX Board

Good morning,

I’m searching for an email provider supporting the VJournal an JTX standard. I use Google Keep for notes very often and in search for an alternative I stepped over these two standards, that I could use with JTX-Board on my phone and via the Web-Client of the provider on desktop. But sadly my current provider, Hetzner seems to not support it.

It seems like Hetzner is using some kind of Horde as Software for their E-Mail Service.
Does somebody know if and maybe how I can activate VJournal and Notes with JTX. Or an alternative provider supporting all of it out of the box would also be awesome.
Thanks for reading, and maybe also answering my question

I use self-hosted Nextcloud server with DAVx5 - jtx Board (phone) and with Evolution (Linux notebook) from couple years for keeping VEVENTS, VTODO, VJOURNAL and VNOTES in sync.

This post could be helpful.

AFAIK there is no alternative to Evolution in Windows.