Dual boot and security

I want to give Fedora a chance and dual boot it with windows. The problem is that most of tutorials say I should disable secure boot and bitlocker. This would worsen security on windows, but ensure better compatibility. Do you think I should disable them?

I dual boot Fedora and Win. Secure boot works 100% no problem. You don’t need to disable secure boot. Make sure your installer is UEFI installer.

I never could get Bitlocker to work with dual-boot, but only spent a couple hours on it. Win/Bitlocker always freaked out and wanted the recovery code. I ended up just using Veracrypt, which is disappointing.

If we’re lucky someone will come along with a link or instructions for getting Bitlocker to work with dual/multi boot.

If you just want to test it out you can also consider using a VM. That might be easier.

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