Does Tor browser still use bridges if i'm on the strongest security level?

Also, why does only give a result of “Partial protection” on all 3 categories on standard security level? the only settings I changed are automatic connection on start and automatic connection to onion sites.

Use of bridges has nothing to do with security level.

And CoverYourTracks is biased towards randomization, Tor Browser still is at the forefront of such race regardless of what it says.
Please read this: Firefox RFP and Brave's Fingerprint randomization. · privacyguides · Discussion #7 · GitHub

whatever move for the discussions broke all backlinks, that^ used to be #1797

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But why does it say that i’m connected to a bridge when using the standard security level and when I use the strongest security level it doesn’t say that anymore?

maybe bc it blocks javascript on strict level if you’re meaning that the website says that

Bridges will be automatically used if it detects direct Tor access is blocked.
It has nothing to do with security level.

Please read through the manual:

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I’m talking about the browser settings under “Connection”

Then maybe it doesn’t show me it’s connected when using the strongest security level because my Tor connection is simply just not being blocked?