Clarify Tor's weaknesses with respect to observability

We do not claim that the usage of Tor is undetectable by your ISP, which is good, however we should explicitly state that the fact that you’re using Tor is detectable by your ISP. I believe this is a common misconception, despite this not being something Tor protects against.

We should also address the fact Tor bridges also do not hide the fact that you are using a private communications channel.

Related suggestion:

I also think that our current stance on connecting to Tor via a VPN may be incorrect. Currently we claim that bridges hide your Tor usage from your ISP, which is true in the sense that it makes it difficult for automated tools to detect and block, but it would likely be easy to infer your traffic is Tor related if you are being specifically observed even while using a bridge. In situations where a VPN is less suspicious than Tor, I don’t think there is a downside to connecting to Tor via a VPN. In any case, the link at the end of that paragraph does not explain what it claims to explain, bridges are not mentioned at all on the Tor overview page.

I agree with both suggestions (for what it’s worth lol)