VPN or Tor bridge?

Trusting and using a VPN to hide the fact that you’re using Tor or using Tor with obfs4 bridge even tho it doesn’t really hide the fact that you’re using Tor from ISP.

What are the cons and pros of each option?
Is it possible to hide Tor usage from ISP without using a VPN? I would say that trusting a good VPN provider is better than trusting your ISP if you pay for a VPN annonymously. Because ISP is guaranteed to be bad for your privacy meanwhile with VPN you’re trusting a reputable provider. Lets keep in mind that main goal is annonymity here

First, did you figured your threat model - that is what you are trying to protect against ?
Finding an answer for this. Would be helpful to you.

If anonymity is the sole goal, I would suggest using TOR via bridges. But it really depends on what you are up to.