Degoogled browser without more bloat than Windows 11?

I’m currently using Brave, however I would like to know if there is a up to date, stable degoogled browser that I can use? If such a browser does exist I’d be thankful if anyone would reply, thanks.

There’s two other browsers recommended on this very website :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want a Chromium browser, then I’d personally just deal with turning off the toggles on Brave since other Chromiums have various trade-offs (e.g., thorium is less secure and bundled furry porn, edge has some neat security but is enmicrosofted in exchange for degoogling, vivaldi is…, degoogled chromium degoogles so hard that it strips security features too and so on)


What about Cromite?

Degoogled chromium’s biggest security issue is being outdated.

How about Firefox


Cromite is awesome on android but maybe op is using windows?

I second @xe3’s suggestion for Firefox!

Is there any issue we should be aware of with the Windows version? Ive never used it on Windows…

I assumed Cromite, being a fork of Bromite, it was only available for android.

I have no opinion on what Cromite is like on windows.

That and binaries being compiled by third parties, disabling CRLsets which means that a rogue CA could potentially still issue certificates…