DeepL Translator App

as the title says suggest this app for translation purposes:

Exodus Reports Sentry for Crash reporting.

You should not use the free version if the text contains personal informations. With the paid version texts will be deleted after translation.

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In my country:
7,49 per Month for the pro subscription.
Thanks for reading the T&C

possible alternative:

Apparently the app just sends the texts to different online translation services so privacy policies of every service still apply

Third party cloud service dependencies
Data collected by others
Use of Translate You may result in one or more of the following third party organisations may collecting data from you. Please check their privacy policy for more information

I just did a test with Firefox, if you have a .txt file you can open it in the browser and then use the offline translation.
Could be useful for simple texts but it doesn’t work with other files like .rtf or .doc. Pdfs opened in the browser could be translated but it actually doesn’t work.

Edit: that was a test in firefox for desktop, I don’t think it’s available on mobile.

By the way, with their “try for free” option you’ll first have to pay; it’s really a money-back guarantee. :slight_smile: edit: referring to deepl pro.

The interesting thing with DeepL is their translation accuracy. You get better results with it than Google Translate or Bing Translate, etc.

Yeah, just not much privacy included with this either.

May have been mentioned previously, but has anyone investigated GitHub - LibreTranslate/LibreTranslate: Free and Open Source Machine Translation API. Self-hosted, offline capable and easy to setup.

I have never used them and have no connection or opinion on them, it was simply one of the projects that came up when I did a quick internet search.

Of course, but it’s still something to look at when looking at translate services.