I’m actually not in favor of suggesting Lingva Translate.

  1. It doesn’t work at all without JavaScript
  2. 1 Translation Engine

I recommend SimplyTranslate

  1. works without JS
  2. supports multiple Translation Engines: Google, Deepl, Reverso , Iciba and Libretranslate

the firefox translations addon is also surprisingly decent for translations if you’re using firefox, works fully locally and the only external network connection being made is to download language sets. Can translate pages as well as custom text.

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I’m suggesting a frontend for Frontends - Privacy Guides not an extension.

Brave has a built-in translation tool btw

I think the this was tackled by Michael Bazzel’s podcast last Mar 1 or so but I wasn’t particularly paying attention because I do not need a translation tool at the time.

If I may derail the thread, since we are here at the topic of language tools.

Is there a good and private alternative to Grammarly? I know LanguageTools exist but you still submit your sentences/paragraphs to their server. Is there a good offline way to do this?

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self-host languagetool?

There’s but only their API is open source

Previous LanguageTool worker there.
I’ve been contracted for a couple of months to help with the implementation of more French rules into the tool.
The only data we had, at least for me, as a rule editor, were mostly just expression and words we received to be incorrect, or new words added to user lexicons. Only the most common ones were available to us, as more unique ones are more likely to contain private info and be irrelevant to an actual issue with the tool or set of rules.
In addition, you can totally download the LanguageTool server to use it offline, including via the extension (and all other official plug-in implementations if I’m correct) to use your own self-hosted instance.

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Thank you! I was not aware that the server could be self hostable.