Dealing with censorship and tracking on social media?

Hi guys, I’m from India. Many of my classmates have been detained by police for screening the documentary of PM Modi by BBC, I have watched both episodes of horrific disaster happened in my country in 2002 and recent protests happening since 2019 made me cry. My group and different colleges have already watched the EP1 of series by BBC.
Tomorrow I suspect there will riots in my campus because state goons were made aware of this screening. We have Mosque nearby our campus, it is very poor locality, I’m afraid that these goons will attack nearby houses and mosque to radicalize my uninformed Hindu friends.
I have EP2 copy, I want to share without being known.
What to do?

Use a VPN (such as the trustworthy ones we recommend) or Tor, don’t share it from your connection without any protection. Certainly don’t use a service located within India (or overly friendly with the Indian Government, eg Russia) to share it. I’d probably look at Send for this.

It’s pretty unlikely western companies will comply with any request regarding this specific video.


You are life saver.